Table 6

Summed importance percentages for outcome criteria after anterior cruciate ligament injury

 Operative managementNon-operative management
1 year2 years1 year2 years
Absence of giving way*96.696.496.296.5
Return to sports*91.792.491.792.7
Quadriceps strength symmetry*90.590.390.790.7
Absence of joint effusion*
Hamstrings’ strength symmetry*83.783.185.785.6
Patient-reported outcomes*
Functional test75.475.673.373.5
Negative pivot-shift77.877.966.466.4
Laxity <3 mm72.972.567.267.1
Absence of radiographic osteoarthritis36.537.440.341.3
  • *Measures for which the operational definition of consensus was reached (80%).