Table 1

Number of registered athletes and of injuries, incidences of injuries per 1000 registered athletes and relative risks with lower and upper limits of ±95% CI and probabilistic inferences about the true standardised magnitude in relative risks, in male and female athletes during 14 international athletics championships 2007–2014

Athletics championshipsRegistered athletesNumber of injuriesInjuries per 1000 registered athletes (±95% CI)Relative risk of male versus female athletes (±95% CI)
MaleFemaleMaleFemaleMissing information of sexMaleFemale 
WOC 2007953854119851124.9±21.099.5±20.11.25(0.96 to 1.63) small
WOC 200910418551571041150.8±21.7121.6±21.91.24(0.98 to 1.56) small
WOC 2011930811131922140.9±22.4113.4±21.81.24(0.97 to 1.59) small
WOC 20131000784111690111.0±19.588.0±19.81.26(0.95 to 1.68) small
OG 2008113110018270772.5±15.169.9±15.81.04(0.76 to 1.41) trivial
OG 20121088991113938103.9±18.193.8±18.21.11(0.85 to 1.44) trivial
EOC 201076360830129Sex was missing for 17.6% of injuries. Thus, data were excluded from further analysis
EOC 201274560786400115.4±22.965.9±19.71.75(1.22 to 2.51)* small
Total Outdoor6888590379955319116.0±7.693.7±7.41.24(1.12 to 1.37)* small
WIC 200833324014232Sex was missing for 66.7% of injuries. Thus, data were excluded from further analysis
WIC 20103342492057Sex was missing for 21.9% of injuries. Thus, data were excluded from further analysis
WIC 20142862532112073.4±30.247.4±26.21.55(0.78 to 3.08) small
EIC 20093162492114066.5±27.556.2±28.61.18(0.61 to 2.28) trivial
EIC 20113252681812055.4±24.944.8±24.81.24(0.61 to 2.52) small
EIC 201332025738220118.8±35.485.6±34.21.39(0.84 to 2.28) small
Total Indoor124710279860078.6±14.958.4±14.31.35(0.99 to 1.83) small
Total†‡8135693089761319110.3±6.888.5±6.71.25(1.13 to 1.37)* small
  • *Significant relative risk between male and female athletes (p<0.05).

  • †EOC 2010 excluded.

  • ‡WIC 2008 and WIC 2010 excluded.

  • EIC, European Indoor Championships; EOC, European Outdoor Championships; OG, Olympic Games; WIC, World Indoor Championships; WOC, World Outdoor Championships.