Table 1

Summary of methodological quality by statistical property by test

TestStatistical property
ReliabilityAgreementHypothesis testingCriterion validityResponsiveness
One leg hop for distance: 1 hopPoorNo studiesFairGoodPoor
One leg hop for distance: 3 hopsPoorNo studiesPoorGoodNo studies
6 m timed hopPoorNo studiesPoorGoodNo studies
Crossover hop for distanceFairNo studiesPoorGoodGood
Triple jumpNo studiesNo studiesFairNo studiesPoor
Single leg vertical jumpFairNo studiesMixed—good to poorMixed—good to poorMixed—good to poor
  • Summary quality ratings above are based on the most frequent quality rating in each category. For physical performance tests where the evidence was mixed, a range of quality ratings was given.