TableĀ 1

Summary of methodological quality by statistical property by test

Statistical property
TestReliabilityAgreementHypothesis testingCriterion validityResponsiveness
Star excursion balance testGoodNo studiesPoor to goodExcellentNo studies
Sprint test: 40 yardsPoorNo studiesNo studiesNo studiesPoor
Shuttle runPoorNo studiesPoor to fairNo studiesPoor to good
Vertical jumpPoorNo studiesNo studiesPoor to excellentGood to excellent
One leg hop for distancePoorNo studiesPoor to goodPoor to excellentFair
One leg hop for distance: three hopsPoorNo studiesNo studiesNo studiesFair
Triple crossover hop for distancePoorNo studiesPoorNo studiesNo studies
6-meter timed hopPoorNo studiesPoorNo studiesPoor to fair
6-meter timed crossover hopPoorPoorGoodNo studiesNo studies
Hexagon hopPoorNo studiesGoodPoorNo studies
Medial hopPoor to goodPoorGoodPoorNo studies
Lateral hopPoor to goodPoorGoodPoorNo studies
T-agilityNo studiesNo studiesNo studiesNo studiesFair to good
Multistage fitnessNo studiesNo studiesNo studiesExcellentGood
  • Summary quality ratings above are based on the most frequent quality rating in each category. If there were two or fewer studies examining the statistical property, a range was given.

  • The reach test was not summarised since one of the two studies had no description of how to perform the test.