Table 1

Concussion as a proportion of all injuries sustained where figures are reported for matches and training combined

Author/year of publicationNumber of players included in studyTotal exposureNumber of injuriesNumber of concussionsConcussion as a percentage of all injury
Collins et al (2008)50Not given32 014 player-matches and 81 627 player-practices5949415.8
Durie and Munroe (2000)444426880 player match-hours+23 868 player practice-hours27062.2
Junge et al (2004)451231734 player match-hours+5141 player training-hours340102.9
Lewis and George (1996)4145Not givenNot givenNot given7.1
Marshall and Spencer (2001)51Not given1081 player-matches+3333 player- training sessions691724.6
Nathan, Goedeke and Noakes (1983)36Not given6075 player match-hours+25 110 player training-hours791721.5
Nicol et al (2010)494702406 player match-hours; training exposure not given37616.2
Roux et al (1987)37Not given50 126 player match-hours+259 150 player training-hours4955912.0
Sparks (1981)43Not givenMatch+training total=500 000 player-hours98855135.2
Sparks (1985)42Not given22 776 player match-hours+17 090 player training-hours772496.3
Sugerman (1983)33Not givenMatch+training total=45 885 player-games574488.4
Watson (1997)5340Not given11886.6