Table 1

Characteristics of PSCA tool assessments

Number of patientsFrequency n=165PercentageAverage number of PSCA tests per game
PSCA tool tests per tournament
 Northern hemisphere autumn tests53.00.56
 Aviva Premiership3420.60.11
 Currie Cup2414.60.38
 ITM Cup116.70.14
 Rugby ProD22817.00.11
 Rugby Championship31.80.33
 Super Rugby3420.60.31
 Top 142615.80.14
Mechanism of head impact event
 Accidental head contact116.7
 Being tackled (head contact)3621.8
 Being tackled (no head contact)74.2
 Tackling (head contact)3219.4
 Ruck (head contact)53.0
PSCA requested by
 Match-day doctor63.6
 Team doctor14587.9
PSCA completed by
 Match-day doctor4024.2
 Team doctor11770.9
Reference standard used to support diagnosis of concussion
 CogState Sport2917.6
  • ImPACT, Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing; SCAT2, Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2nd Edition; PSCA, Pitch Side Concussion Assessment.