TableĀ 5

MRI findings counted per sides (left/right) in soccer players with adductor-related groin pain and 2 control groups

MRI findingsSymptomatic
Soccer players
39 symptomatic sides
Soccer players
34 asymptomatic sides
Non-soccer players
40 asymptomatic sides
NPer centNPer centNPer cent
BMO grade 0194923683895
BMO grade 151372000
BMO grade 26151300
BMO grade 39233925
Fatty infiltration1949144125
Symphyseal sclerosis1641144125
Parasymphyseal high-intensity line82182400
Secondary cleft sign4101312.5
Subchondral cysts/joint surface irregularities22561956615
Central disc protrusion2974144125
Adductor longus tendinopathy287224711127.5
Adductor longus musculotendinous lesion4102625
Superior cleft sign41061812.5
Rectus abdominis tendinopathy133900
  • BMO, bone marrow oedema.