Table 4

Changes in muscle enzymatic activity and capillarisation in untrained men as a result of a period of recreational F training compared to R or inactive C

StudyActivity, target group, genderAge (years)Training intervention;
Duration (weeks), intensity (%), frequency (per week), session duration (min)
Capillarisation, cap per fibre (%)CS activity (%)HAD activity (%)
Krustrup et al2 10 53F, UT, M2912; 82%HRmax; 2.3; 6022%↑†14%↑†5%↑NS
R, UT, M3112; 82%HRmax; 2.5; 6016%↑7%↑NS5%↑NS
C, UT, M31No intervention5%↑NS11%↓NS11%↓NS
Randers et al8 41F; UT; M3164; 82%HRmax; 1.3; 6018%↑16%↑NS
C; UT; M32No intervention
Andersen et al5F, UT, Mt5124; 83%HRmax; 1.5; 607%↑7%↓NS5%↓NS
C, UT, Mt49No intervention5%↓NS9%↑NS1%↑NS
  • Changes between pre and post training intervention (unless otherwise stated).

  • †Significant group difference compared to control.

  • CS, citrate synthase; C, controls; HAD, 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase; HRmax, maximal heart rate; F, football; M, men; NS, not significant; R, running; t, type 2 diabetics; UT, untrained.