Table 5

Changes in performance of untrained men as a result of a period of recreational F training compared to R or inactive C

StudyActivity, target group, genderAge (years)Training programme;
Duration (weeks), intensity (%), frequency (per week), session duration (min)
Time to exhaustion, max work (s)Counter-movement jump (%)Sprint, 30 m (s)Max leg strength (kg or %)Yo-Yo
IR1 (m)
IE1/IE2 (m or %)
Postural balance, flamingo test (%)
Krustrup et al2 10 53F, UT, M2912; 82%HRmax; 2.3; 60102↑*0.11↑*11%↑*†‡420↑*†‡
R, UT, M3112; 82%HRmax; 2.5; 60101↑*0.01↓NS1%↓NS195↑*
C, UT, M31No intervention25↑*2%↑NS21↑NS
Randers et al8 41F, UT, M3164; 82%HRmax; 1.3; 6098↑*5%↑*†0.15↑*382↑*49%↑*
C, UT, M32No intervention0%↔NS27%↑NS
Jakobsen et al55F, UT, M2912; 82%HRmax; 2.3; 601%↓NS0%↔NS41%↑*†
R, UT, M3112; 82%HRmax; 2.5; 601%↓NS2%↓NS38%↑*†
C, UT, M31No intervention3%↓NS0%↔NS11%↑NS
Andersen et al6F, UT, M6816; 84%HRmax; 1.6; 45–6053↑*†NS43%↑*†
S, UT, M6916; 8–20RM; 1.5; 45–6043↓NSNS8%↑NS
C, UT, M67No intervention58↓NSNS5%↓NS
Krustrup et al15F, UT, Ma4624; 85%HRmax; 1.7; 6079↑NS
DAG, UT, Ma47DAG on CRF19↑NS
Knoepfli-Lenzin et al22F, UT, Mmh3712; 80%HRmax; 2.4; 600.9↑*†§144↑*
R, UT, Mmh3612; 79%HRmax; 2.5; 601.1↑*†§168↑*†
C, UT, Mmh38No intervention0.0↔NS§50↑NS
Schmidt et al17F, UT, Mt.5124; 82%HRmax; 1.2; 60377↑*
C, UT, Mt49No intervention52↑NS
Helge et al46F, UT, Mh3612; 82%HRmax; 2.2; 6046%↑*
C, UT, Mh43No intervention3%↓NS
Uth et al37F, UT, Mp6712; 85%HRmax; 2–3; 45–608.9↑*†
C, UT, Mp67No intervention2.2↑NS
Faude et al56F, UT, OCh1112; 80%HRmax; 4.5; 6015%↑*
SP, UT, OCh1112; 77%HRmax; 4.5; 6014%↑*
Bendiksen et al54F+H, UT, Ch96; 76%HRmax; 2; 30148↑*†
C, UT, Ch9Low-intensity activities106↓NS
  • Changes are between pre and post training intervention (unless otherwise stated).

  • *Significant difference from 0 weeks.

  • †Significant group difference compared to control. ‡Significant group differences.

  • §Maximal velocity (km/h).

  • ¶Yo-Yo IR1 children.

  • a, hypertensive participants; C, children; C, controls; CRF, cardiovascular risk factors; DAG, doctor's advice group; F, football; F+H, football+hockey; h, homeless participants; HRmax, maximal heart rate; M, men; mh, mildly hypertensive participants; NS, not significant; OC, overweight children; p, prostate cancer patients; R, running; S, strength training; SP, standard physical activity; t, type 2 diabetics; UT, untrained.