Table 5

Responses of national team physicians’ on where future sports medicine and science research should be targeted to provide meaningful applications to practitioners

Area of researchPercentage of responding national teams stating this as an area for future research (%)Specific comments
Intervention studies on preventative strategies35Specifically at the elite football level
Randomised controlled trials
Develop tests that identify significant risk factors25At the elite level.
That are simple and quick
That require little equipment/facilities
Identify significant risk factors18Specifically at the elite football level
Provide educational resources for national teams on injury prevention11Congress, conference, seminars
Traditional format, web based, videos
Roundtables of national teams to share experiences
Determine the optimal recovery strategies7Must be applicable to International tournament context
Easy and practical to implement in national team context
Investigations on how to maximise compliance and awareness in coaches and players7Specifically how to educate coaches, staff and players