Table 3

Number of cities, schools, teachers and children taking part in the intervention and the evaluation sample population completing pre and postintervention questionnaires

Parameter (values at start of intervention)Region NorthNorth-eastCentre-WestSouth-eastSouthALL regions
Intervention population
 Number of cities1423212
 Number of schools1140193325128
 Number of teachers2379356448249
 Number of children37412095578936613694
Evaluation subpopulation
 Number of cities1423212
 Number of schools11185141664
 Gender*; % boys/% girls48.7/51.351.1/48.951.4/48.661.0/39.051.7/48.352.7/47.3
 Age of children*; mean, years (SD)11.0 (1.2)11.3 (1.0)11.6 (1.5)10.8 (1.0)9.2 (1.0)10.6 (1.4)
 Prequestionnaires (number of children)3104941463384121700
 Postquestionnaires (number of children)3104581182694001555
  • *As recorded at the start of the intervention.