Table 5

Children's perceptions of the ‘FIFA 11 for Health’ programme

PerceptionRegion; proportion of positive responses*, %
NorthNorth-eastCentre WestSouth-eastSouthALL Regions
1. I found sessions easy to understand88.389.390.482.588.487.7
2. I learned about health issues95.494.497.494.398.095.8
3. My attitude to health issues has changed82.981.483.281.289.484.0
4. I found the sessions enjoyable83.082.492.087.492.286.8
5. I would recommend the programme to friends90.793.193.989.493.592.1
6. My overall rating of the programme91.988.792.782.396.790.7
  • *Positive responses equated to a response of ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ for questions 1–5 and a rating of four or five for question 6.