Table 4

Preintervention and postintervention health knowledge, as a function of country

Session number and health statementRegion and stage of intervention (% correct responses)
NorthNorth-eastCentre-WestSouth-eastSouthALL Regions
S-1Football injuries can be prevented by warming up correctly57.667.3§62.073.7+62.083.1+65.883.5+64.086.7+62.478.2+
Regular exercise helps to prevent being overweight65.179.0+72.482.9+77.187.3§71.778.8§79.489.7+73.083.5+
Minimum daily amount of exercise required to stay healthy35.169.6+57.972.2+47.874.1+63.082.7+39.485.8+49.277.3+
S-2Important for boys to listen to girls62.383.6+69.281.6+64.582.164.782.2+58.295.0+64.085.6+
Boys should help to protect girls from harm84.689.480.086.4#77.983.885.087.680.594.2+81.889.0+
Football is just for boys83.991.0#87.189.495.194.990.495.1§87.994.2¶88.192.4+
S-3*You can get HIV by touching someone with HIV/AIDS40.178.7+54.780.5+53.979.5+48.676.5+25.084.8+43.580.5+
You can tell whether people have HIV by the way they look39.160.5+43.963.3+56.371.3#47.669.8+33.481.1+42.369.1+
S-4It is possible to become addicted by starting to smoke cigarettes76.785.1#80.884.684.595.7¶81.088.1§83.094.0+80.988.6+
People who smoke cigarettes have more health problems90.592.889.390.895.897.494.696.391.796.0§91.794.0#
It is my choice whether or not I take drugs45.659.5+63.678.0+69.080.2§65.182.1+53.180.7+58.576.0+
S-5Drinking too much water can cause obesity61.869.9§76.083.1#81.784.680.591.4+77.685.2¶75.182.5+
Obesity can cause high blood pressure47.257.7#58.569.6+60.071.9§56.771.7+43.884.0+52.671.5+
There is no cure for obesity55.571.1+73.180.0#75.282.970.182.4+57.285.2+65.680.2+
S-6After washing, it is OK to dry my hands on my shirt62.580.8+69.082.2+60.787.2+72.387.3+57.992.0+65.185.7+
You can see germs on your hands47.672.5+60.777.6+72.484.6§67.482.1+66.591.7+62.081.5+
How long should I wash my hands to remove germs33.954.7+39.765.5+36.462.3+37.758.3+35.469.6+36.963.1+
S-7You can tell if water is safe to drink by its appearance26.554.6+32.950.1+37.365.8+34.862.2+30.482.6+31.962.6+
Storing river water for 3 days makes it safe to drink46.758.9¶55.369.3+63.969.361.978.3+59.983.1+56.972.4+
Length of time water should be boiled to make it safe to drink8.959.5+17.557.9+18.262.8+26.868.2+16.485.9+17.567.8+
S-8A balanced diet contains food of many colours58.477.8+68.483.7+81.696.6+70.487.6+70.095.5+68.587.2+
Eating a lot of fruit makes you obese72.175.982.582.578.584.383.289.4§71.286.3+77.783.5+
It is healthy to eats lots of fried food6 6.077.9+68.277.8+84.784.678.089.6+75.290.2+72.983.6+
S-9Vaccinations are dangerous64.282.5+63.378.0+77.875.467.083.3+65.988.7+66.182.4+
All vaccinations last your lifetime33.048.0+44.764.7+44.857.4§43.458.9+44.578.4+42.263.4+
All vaccinations are received as injections28.347.5+42.466.5+56.674.8+51.475.9+37.279.5+41.668.4+
S-10I can stop taking medication as soon as I feel better44.970.7+54.976.3+62.483.2+57.782.1+45.086.9+51.979.5+
People with diabetes can die if untreated79.576.579.681.072.079.373.686.7+78.689.9+77.583.3+
The right medication can help people with HIV to live longer43.458.7+51.564.4+45.463.2+51.265.0+44.679.8+47.867.3+
Mean values:53.870.762.075.665.379.364.280.157.786.860.278.6
  • Bold face is used in table 4 for the mean values for all the sessions to differentiate these values from all the other values shown in the table. Statistical tests refer to comparisons of the postintervention and preintervention values for the same Region.

  • §p≤0.05; #: p≤0.01; ¶: p≤0.005; +: p≤0.001.

  • *The Ministry of Health would not allow children to be asked the question “Not having sex is an effective way to avoid getting HIV/AIDS” (which has been used in previous interventions).