Table 3

Summary meta-analysis results table: difference between baseline and end of intervention

Outcome measurenEffect95% CIsHeterogeneityTest for overall effect
Systolic BP (mm Hg)440−3.72(−5.28 to −2.17)χ2=12.02, df=12 (p=0.44); I²=0%z=4.70 (p<0.001)
Diastolic BP (mm Hg)440−3.14(−4.15 to −2.13)χ2=23.16, df=12 (p=0.03); I²=48%z=6.09 (p<0.001)
Resting HR (bpm)252−2.88(−4.13 to −1.64)χ2=2.96, df=7 (p=0.89); I²=0%z=4.53 (p<0.001)
Body fat (%)328−1.31(−2.10 to −0.52)χ2=4.00, df=6 (p=0.68); I²=0%z=3.25 (p=0.001)
Body mass index (kg/m2)451−0.71(−1.19 to −0.23)χ2=5.52, df=11 (p=0.90); I²=0%z=2.92 (p=0.003)
Total cholesterol (mmol/L)271−0.11(−0.22 to −0.01)χ2=12.58, df=9 (p=0.18); I²=28%z=2.13 (p=0.03)
VO2max (mL/kg/min)1662.66(1.67 to 3.65)χ2=9.67, df=6 (p=0.14); I²=38%z=5.28 (p<0.001)
SF-36 score (physical functioning) (points)686.02(0.51 to 11.53)χ2=0.26, df=1 (p=0.61); I²=0%z=2.14 (p=0.03)
6 min walk time (m)6579.6(53.37 to 105.84)χ2=0.71, df=1 (p=0.40); I²=0%,z=5.95 (p≤0.001)
Depression score*(effect size)101−0.67(−0.97 to −0.38)χ2=24.14, df=4 (P≤0.001); I²=83%z=4.44 (p≤0.001)
Waist circumference (cm)35−3.55(−8.08 to 0.98)χ2=0.52, df=1 (p=0.47); I²=0%z=1.54 (p=0.12)
HbA1c (%)66−0.11(−0.25 to 0.03)χ2=1.17, df=3 (p=0.76); I²=0%z=1.53 (p=0.13)
Fasting glucose (mmol/L)85−0.09(−0.28 to 0.11)χ2=3.33, df=4 (p=0.50); I²=0%z=0.87 (p=0.38)
Low-density lipids (mmol/L)268−0.05(−0.16 to 0.06)χ2=8.83, df=9 (p=0.45); I²=0%,z=0.93 (p=0.35)
High-density lipids (mmol/L)2510.01(−0.04 to 0.07)χ2=8.04, df=8 (p=0.43); I²=0%z=0.45 (p=0.65)
Triglycerides (mmol/L)271−0.05(−0.12 to 0.03)χ2=13.39, df=9 (p=0.15); I²=33%z=1.25 (p=0.21)
SF-36 score (mental health index) (points)682.70(−2.09 to 7.48)χ2=0.18, df=1 (p=0.67); I²=0%z=1.10 (p=0.27)
  • *All analyses fixed effects model and mean difference except depression score (effect is standardised mean difference).

  • BP, blood pressure; HbA1c, glycated haemoglobin; HR, heart rate.