Table 3

Scores of articles rated by COSMIN checklist

Authors (year)Name of questionnaireIRT usedScore IRTInternal consistencyReliabilityMeasurement errorContent validityStructural validityHypothesis testingCross-cultural validityCriterion validityResponsiveness
Christensen et al 200331NAHSNoPoorPoorPoorFair
Castillo et al 201337NAHSNoPoorFairFairPoorFairPoor
Griffin et al 201238IHOT-12NoFairExcellentFairFairFair
Henkus et al 201139SUSHINoPoorFairFair
Hinman et al 201440HAGOS, HOOS, HOS, IHOT-33, mHHS, NAHSNoFairFair
Jónasson et al 201441IHOT-12NoGoodPoorPoorExcellentFairPoorFair
Kemp et al 201311HAGOS, HOOS, HOS, IHOT-33, mHHSNoPoorGoodGoodPoorPoorFair
Lee et al 201442HOSNoPoorFairPoorFairPoorPoor
Martin et al 200632HOSYesGoodGoodPoorGoodPoor
Martin et al 200733HOSNoPoor
Martin et al 200834HOSNoFairFairFair
Mohtadi et al 201212IHOT-33NoPoorFairExcellentPoorFairFair
Naal et al 201143HOSNoPoorFairFairPoorFairPoor
Naal et al 201344HSASNoFairPoorFairPoorPoor
Polesello et al 201245IHOT-33, IHOT-12NoPoor
Potter et al 200535mHHSNoPoor
Rothenfluh et al 200836WOMAC-12YesExcellentExcellentExcellent
Seijas et al 201446HOSNoPoorGoodGoodFairPoorPoor
Thomeé et al 201447HAGOSNoFairPoorPoorExcellentFairFairFair
Thorborg et al 201414HAGOSNoFairFairFairExcellentGoodExcellentFair
  • Empty boxes indicate not applicable.

  • COSMIN, COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstruments; HAGOS, Hip And Groin Outcome Score; HOOS, Hip disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score; HOS, Hip Outcome Score; HSAS, Hip Sports Activity Scale; IHOT, International Hip Outcome Tool; IRT, Item Response Theory; mHHS, modified Harris Hip Score; NAHS, Non-Arthritic Hip Score; SUSHI, Super Simple Hip Score; WOMAC-12, Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis index-12.