Table 2

Unadjusted change between baseline (age 9/10 years) and 4 years (age 13/14 years) in sedentary time, LPA, MPA, VPA and MVPA over 4 years for participants with data at SPEEDY-1 and SPEEDY-3 (n=409; boys n=189; girls; n=220)

Baseline (min/day)Change (min/day)p Value†Change (% baseline value)Percentage of who decreased‡Baseline (% worn time)Change (% worn time)p Value¶
 All25.9±14.0−6.8±16.2* 0.96−11.0±76.359.73.6±1.9−0.9±2.3§0.95
 All74.9±24.9−12.6±29.2* 0.009−10.3±41.559.610.4±3.3−1.6±4.1§0.007
  • Change calculated as follow-up−baseline. Values are mean±SD unless otherwise specified.

  • *p<0.001

  • **p=0.045 for overall change in min.

  • †p Value for change in boys versus girls in min. Percentage baseline value calculated as (follow-up min/day minus baseline min/day)/baseline min/day)×100 Percentage worn time calculated as ((follow-up mins/follow-up worn time)×100) − ((baseline mins/baseline worn time)×100)

  • ‡The percentage of participants who experienced a decrease between their first and last measurements.

  • §p<0.001 for overall change in percentage of monitor worn time.

  • ¶p Value for change in boys versus girls in percentage of monitor worn time.

  • LPA, light physical activity; MPA, moderate physical activity; MVPA, moderate and vigorous physical activity; SPEEDY, Sport, Physical activity and Eating behaviour: Environmental Determinants in Young people; VPA, vigorous physical activity.