Table 3

Mean annual change in sedentary time and in light and moderate and vigorous physical activity (MVPA) over three time points: baseline (age 9/10 years), +1 year (age 10/11 years) and +4 years (age 13/14 years)

Sedentary (min)Light intensity PA (min)MVPA (min)
SubgroupB95% CIB95% CIB95% CI
Day of the week
Home location
Weight status
 Normal weight11.810.113.4*−9.5−10.5−8.6*−3.3−4.0−2.5
 Overweight or obese6.93.810.0*−10.2−12.4−8.1*−2.1−3.4−0.8
Parental education (years)
  • Results are from three level mixed effects linear regression models adjusted for sex and stratified to estimate subgroup effects. Values are mean change (min/day/year) with 95% CIs. Participants with valid data at ≥2 time points (n=990) were included in the models except when run separately for weekdays (n=980) and weekend days (n=815). β Coefficients represent the per year changes in the physical activity outcomes.

  • *Significant interaction.

  • †This model did not converge.

  • MVPA, moderate and vigorous physical activity; PA, physical activity.