TableĀ 2

Pillars to facilitate the successful implementation of sport safeguards

Cultural sensitivityThe safeguards need to be tailored to the cultural and social norms of the context
HolisticSafeguarding should be viewed as integrated into all aspects of an organisation as opposed to being an additional element
IncentivesThere needs to be a clear reason for individuals and an organisation to work towards the safeguards
LeadershipThe safeguards need to have strong support from those working in key leadership roles
DynamicSafeguarding systems need to be continually reviewed and adapted to maintain their relevance and effectiveness
ResourcesThe implementation of the safeguards needs to be supported by appropriate resources (eg, human, time and financial)
Engaging stakeholdersA democratic approach should be adopted which invites and listens to the voices of those in and around the sport (eg, parents, coaches, community leaders)
NetworksAn organisation's progress towards the safeguards will be strengthened by developing networks with other organisations