Table 1

An overview of some of the possible causes of groin pain in athletes

Entities defined during the meetingOther musculoskeletal causesNot to be missed
Adductor-related groin pain
Iliopsoas-related groin pain
Inguinal-related groin pain
Pubic-related groin pain
Hip-related groin pain
Inguinal or femoral hernia
Posthernioplasty pain
Nerve entrapment
 ▸ Obturator
 ▸ Ilioinguinal
 ▸ Genitofemoral
 ▸ Iliohypogastric
Referred pain
 ▸ Lumbar spine
 ▸ Sacroiliac joint
Apophysitis or avulsion fracture
 ▸ Anterior superior iliac spine
 ▸ Anterior inferior iliac spine
 ▸ Pubic bone
Stress fracture
 ▸ Neck of femur
 ▸ Pubic ramus
 ▸ Acetabulum
Hip joint
 ▸ Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (adolescents)
 ▸ Perthes’ disease (children and adolescents)
 ▸ Avascular necrosis/transient osteoporosis of the head of the femur
 ▸ Arthritis of the hip joint (reactive or infectious)
Inguinal lymphadenopathy
Intra-abdominal abnormality
 ▸ Prostatitis
 ▸ Urinary tract infections
 ▸ Kidney stone
 ▸ Appendicitis
 ▸ Diverticulitis
Gynaecological conditions
 ▸ Ankylosing spondylitis
▸ Testicular tumours
▸ Bone tumours
▸ Prostate cancer
▸ Urinary tract cancer
▸ Digestive tract cancer
▸ Soft tissue tumours