Table 3

Incidence of groin, hip and abdominal injuries in various elite male team sports

Injury categoryCasesSportCohortYearsIncidence per 1000 player hoursIncidence/100 players/season% of all injuriesRef
All hip/groinAP AOIce hockeyNHL2006–201017.127
All hip/groinAP AOAmerican footballNFL1997–20063.128
All hip/groinMGT AOCricketAust pro1998–20095.27.729
All hip/groinMGT MORugby LeagueNRL2008–20123.26.730
Groin strainsAP AOIce hockeyNHL1995–209716.031
Groin strainsMGT AOAustralian footballAFL2003–20122.78.08.832
Groin strainsMTT AOAustralian footballAFL19922.05.726
Groin strainsMTT AOAustralian footballAFL1992–19942.53.833
Groin strainsMTT AOAustralian foot (junior)VSFL1992–19945.26.533
Groin/abdominal strainsAP AOIce hockeyNHL1998–199923.534
Groin injuriesMTT AOGaelic footballGA2007–20105.89.435
Groin injuriesMGT AORugby LeagueNRL2 years2.436
Groin injuriesMGT MORugby League (junior)NYC2011–20122.43.330
Groin injuriesMTT AORugby LeagueNSWRL19921.32.626
Groin injuriesMTT AORugby unionSydney grade19920.31.026
Groin injuriesMGT AOBaseballMLB2002–20080.12.13.837
Adductor strainsMTT MORugby unionRFU2002–20042.54.92.738
Adductor strainsMTT TORugby unionRFU2002–20040.12.44.039
Adductor strainsAP AOBasketballNBA1988–20050.66.43.140
Inguinal canalMTT MORugby unionRFU2002–20040.10.30.138
Intra-articular hipAP AOIce hockeyNHL2006–20101.827
Intra-articular hipAP AOAmerican footballNFL1997–20060.228
Hip joint injuriesMGT AOAustralian footballAFL2004–20130.61.81.941
  • AO, all injuries of any onset; AP, all presentations to medical staff; MGT, injuries causing missed game time; MO, match onset injuries only; MTT, injuries causing missed training or game time; TO, training onset injuries only.