Table 3

Demographic data of the 10 included studies

Total participantTotal recurrence (%)Age (range)Dominant dislocation (side)MaleFemaleMale recurrenceFemale recurrenceStudy design
Robinson et al112526015–35 yearsNR2252739%7%Prospective
Salomonsson et al28515217–69 years57%429NRNRProspective
Simonet and Cofield161163320–96 years*58 (R), 66 (L)8234NRNRRetrospective
Sachs et al81313320–82 years*40%10229NRNRProspective
teSlaa et al31077420–88 years*NR693871%79%Retrospective
Vermeiren et al311542515–85NR827232%18%Retrospective
Kralinger et al152412313–8642%17665NRNRRetrospective
Hoelen et al301682615–9453%967240%8%Retrospective
Pevny et al2952440–79NR40125%0%Retrospective
Safran et al32524617–27NR52046%0%Prospective
  • *Patients younger than 20 years were excluded from analysis as data were grouped to include patients younger than 15 years.

  • NR, not reported.