Table 6

Included articles—warm-up mode

Mode categorySpecific modes in categoryIncidence in included studies
Dynamic exercisesIsokinetic contractions at minimal effort11–133
Kayak ergometer (steady state or steady state with sprints)14 152
Upper body plyometrics16 172
Repeated forearm contractions around sponge181
Isometric contractions at fatiguing effort121
Percentage of 5RM bench press191
Percentage of 1RM biceps curls201
Percentage of wrist flexion MVC211
Arm ergometer221
Sling exercise231
Free weights/resistive tubing231
Medicine ball throws161
Competition swimming warm-up241
Body weight exercises (arm circles, windmills, trunk twists)101
Baseball-specific warm-upDry swings with weighted bat27–315
Dry swings with unweighted bat27–315
Dry swings with lightweight bat27 28 313
Passive heating/coolingPassive heating12 13 18 41–447
Passive cooling431
Static stretchingSelf-administered9 17 32–345
Passive—stretch held by researcher/therapist35–373
Dynamic stretchingDynamic stretching32 92
PNF stretchingPNF stretching35 362
VibrationVibration22 242
Maximum isometric contractionMaximum isometric contraction291
  • MVC, maximum voluntary contraction; PNF, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.