TableĀ 2

Included PRO questionnaires for patients with hip and/or groin disability

AbbreviationFull nameMeasurement dimension(s)Number of rating scales
HAGOSHip And Groin Outcome ScoreSymptoms, pain, ADL, sport/recreational function, Participation in Physical Activity, QOL6
HOOSHip disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome ScorePain, symptoms, ADL, sport/recreational function, QOL5
HOSHip Outcome ScoreADL, sport2
HSASHip Sports Activity ScoreSport1
IHOT-33International Hip Outcome Tool-33Symptoms, function, sport, occupational function, QOL1
IHOT-12International Hip Outcome Tool-12Symptoms, function, sport, occupational function, QOL1
mHHSmodified Harris Hip ScorePain, function, ADL1
NAHSNon-Arthritic Hip ScorePain, symptoms, ADL, activities1
SUSHISuper Simple Hip ScoreGeneral, pain, limitations, activity1
WOMAC-12Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis index 12Pain, ADL/physical function1
  • ADL, Activities of Daily Living; PRO, Patient-Reported Outcomes; QOL, quality of life.