Table 4

Included articles—methodological quality (PEDro analysis)

ScoreMethodological qualityPEDro item number
Bishop et al146Good
Bishop et al156Good
et al376Good
Cochrane et al226Good
Demura et al185Fair
DeRenne et al276Good
Evans et al136Good
Fradkinet al105Fair
Franco et al356Good
Gelen et al176Good
Haag et al335Fair
Higuchi et al295Fair
Huang et al237Good
Ingham et al206Good
Kato et al216Good
Khamwong et al416Good
Knudson et al344Fair
Molacek et al366Good
Montoya et al286Good
Moran et al95Fair
Nepocatych et al245Fair
Nosaka and Clarkson125Fair
Nosaka et al436Good
Otsuji et al306Good
Sedgwick and Whalen444Fair
Southard and Groomer314Fair
Symons et al427Good
Takizawa et al116Good
Torres et al326Good
Wilcox et al166Good
  • *Not included in methodological quality scoring