Table 2

Quality assessment of included studies

ReviewABCDEFGHIJKLMTotal score
Hossain et al34*222222222222226
Barton et al32*222212222222225
Collins et al12*222202122222223
Warden et al31*222102122222121
Swart et al33*121012122222220
Frye et al26110102102221013
Lake and Wofford 28220002122000011
Al-Hakim et al2900000000000000
  • *Denotes high-quality review.

  • A—search methods were explicitly described to allow replication; B—adequate number and range of databases searched; C—adequate alternate searches applied; D—adequate range of key words applied; E—no language restrictions applied; F—inclusion criteria explicitly described to allow replication; G—excludes studies which do not adequately address exclusion of non-PFP diagnosis; H—use of two independent reviewers during search; I—valid quality assessment explicitly described; J—valid meta-analysis completed or limitations to homogeneity discussed; K—CIs/effect sizes reported where possible; L—conclusions supported by meta-analysis or other data analysis; M—conclusions address levels of evidence for each intervention/comparison.