Table 2

Number of injuries sustained in each anatomical location within the hand in training and competition in the GB boxing squad, 2005–2009

HandNumber of injuriesTotal number of days lostDays lost per injury
Extensor expansion tendon tear/rupture6658110
Finger distal interphalangeal joint sprain2189
First metacarpal fracture/dislocation (Bennett’s)326889
Hand abrasion122
Hand contusion29648
Hand laceration177
Intrinsic muscle strain36020
Middle phalangeal fracture of fingers14242
Non-specific hand injury512425
Finger metacarpal fracture314147
Metacarpophalangeal sprain (excluding thumb)2776228
Proximal phalangeal fracture of fingers312642
Ulnar collateral ligament sprain (skier’s thumb)1135833