TableĀ 3

Influence of determinants on patellofemoral radiological OA outcome in operatively and operatively/non-operatively treated cohorts

GroupDeterminantNumber of studiesSignificant relationship
LR/HR: n studies
No significant relationship
LR/HR: n studies
Best-evidence synthesisComments
Patient characteristicsOlder age3Positive relationship:
HR: 237 42
LR: 156Conflicting evidence
Higher BMI2LR: 156
HR: 142
Limited evidence for no relationship
Intra-articularMeniscal injury/meniscectomy3Positive relationship:
HR: 141
LR: 156
HR: 137
Conflicting evidence
Longer time between injury and reconstruction3LR: 156
HR: 237 42
Moderate evidence for no relationship
ACL reconstruction (vs non-operative treatment)5Positive relationship:
HR: 231 41
HR: 319 47 70Conflicting evidence
Graft type BPTB (vs HT)6Positive relationship:
HR: 119
HR: 518 37 38 52 69Limited evidence for no relationship
Tunnel placement2LR: 156
HR: 162
Limited evidence for no relationship
  • ACL, anterior cruciate ligament; BMI, body mass index; BPTB, bone-patellar tendon-bone; HR, high risk of bias studies; HT, hamstring tendon; LR, low risk of bias studies; OA, osteoarthritis.