TableĀ 1

PEDro scale

Baldon et al441111101111110
Nakagawa et al40011110111119
Ismail et al39111100011118
Fukuda et al23111100111118
Fukuda et al38111100111118
Ferber et al42111000101117
Khayambashi et al43110100011117
Razeghi et al37111000011116
Dolak et al24011100001116
Ferber et al46100100011115
Khayambashi et al26000100011115
Avraham et al41010000101104
Tyler et al45100000011013
Earl and Hoch25100000011013
  • I=Eligibility criteria specified, II=Random allocation, III=Concealed allocation, IV=Similar at baseline, V=Subject blinding, VI=Therapist blinding, VII=Assessor blinding, VIII=Outcome measures obtained from >85%, IX=Treatment received as allocated, X=Between-group statistical comparison, XI=Point measures and measures of variability.