Table 4

Meta-analysis of RTP rates in surgical and rehabilitation papers for AGP

RegionGroupPapersSubjectsRTP rates %CI 95%I2 (%)τ2
PubicSurgery646860.73 to 0.9400
Rehabilitation760910.76 to 0.9700
AbdominalSurgery272206960.94 to 0.98731.189
Rehabilitation24830.35 to 0.9800
AdductorSurgery4202840.7 to 0.9271.100.4751
Rehabilitation4190810.57 to 0.9388.201.157
Abdominal+adductorSurgery6554960.94 to 0.9700
  • I2 and τ2 reflect the heterogeneity across the results.

  • AGP, athletic groin pain; NA, not applicable; RTP, return to play.