Table 1

Risk indicators included in the epidemiological multiple model compiled by the Cox proportional hazards method (n=266)

95% CI
 p ValueHRLowerUpper
 2nd quartile0.1521.3910.8862.184
 3rd quartile0.0131.7631.1282.757
 4th quartile0.0071.8131.1762.795
Interaction: athlete category×recent serious injury†<0.001
 Adult male, recent serious injury0.1401.5000.8762.568
 Adult female, no recent serious injury0.8220.9430.5651.573
 Adult female, recent serious injury0.9610.9870.5721.702
 Youth male, no recent serious injury0.3250.7440.4141.340
 Youth male, recent serious injury0.0052.5651.3384.919
 Youth female, no recent serious injury0.0520.5590.3111.004
 Youth female, recent serious injury0.3570.7520.4101.379
  • Recent serious injury refers to an injury episode during the previous 12 months that forced the athlete to alter or completely refrain from training for a period of at least 21 days.

  • Eligible predictors were TLRI and interaction: athlete category×recent serious injury.

  • *Reference: first TLRI quartile.

  • †Reference: adult male, no recent serious injury.

  • TLRI, training load rank index.