Table 3

Risk indicators included in the integrated multiple model compiled by the Cox proportional hazards method (n=216)

95% CI
 p ValueHRLowerUpper
Interaction: athlete category×recent serious injury*<0.001
 Adult male with recent serious injury0.9941.0030.5371.871
 Adult female with no recent serious injury0.1550.6470.3551.179
 Adult female with recent serious injury0.3550.7500.4081.380
 Youth male with no recent serious injury0.0470.4920.2440.991
 Youth male with recent serious injury0.0272.1711.0924.316
 Youth female with no recent serious injury0.0340.5060.2700.950
 Youth female with recent serious injury0.0650.5350.2751.039
Self-blame (Brief Cope)0.0071.3151.0761.607
  • Eligible predictors were TLRI, interaction athlete: category×recent serious injury, and self-blame (Brief Cope). TLRI was not included in the final model (p=0.245).

  • *Reference: adult male with no recent serious injury.

  • TLRI, training load rank index.