Table 1

Heritability levels, number of loci with genome-wide significance and percentage of trait variance explained by these loci

PhenotypeHeritability (%)Number of participantsNumber of loci at p<5×10−8Per cent of variance explainedReference
BMI25–60339 224972.713
WHR adjusted BMI40–55224 459491.415
T2 diabetes45–90149 821655.718
Total cholesterol50–60188 5774012–1419
Triglycerides25–60188 5773210–1319
hs-CRP25–5581 8701820
Systolic BP20–70203 05625<1.021
Hypertension50203 05611<1.021
  • The numbers are from the latest and largest meta-analysis of GWAS report for each trait.

  • Adapted and expanded from Rankinen et al.17

  • BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; GWAS, genome-wide association studies; hs-CRP, high-sensitivity C reactive protein; WHR, waist to hip ratio.