TableĀ 1

Participant information of fascia cruris tears by age, gender, sport, activity at onset, side, biomechanics and location

20*MTriathlonAnkle inversionLPronatorLat
20*MTriathlonNil specificRPronatorLat
28FTriathlonFelt pain on take offRPronatorMed
46*FMarathonDancing in high heelsRPronatorMed
46*FMarathonVariation in terrainLPronatorMed
41FMarathonNil specificLPronatorLat
45MTriathlonNil specificLNeutralMed
47MMarathonNil specificLPronatorLat
48MTennisNil specificLNeutralLat
11MTennisAnkle inversionRNeutralMed and Lat
28MMarathonNil specificLNeutralLat
  • *Same athlete with separate event injuries.

  • F, female; Lat, lateral; M, male; Med, medial.