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Achilles tendon injuries

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10-year follow-up after standardised treatment for Achilles tendinopathy
Finn Johannsen, Signe Jensen, Eva Wetke

2 October 2018

AB1175 Development and preliminary validation of an omeract mri enthesitis scoring system for the ankle in spondyloarthritis
A.J. Mathew, S. Krabbe, F. Gandjbakhch, R.G. Lambert, K.-G. Hermann, I. Eshed, P. Bird, W.P. Maksymowych, J.-D. Laredo, S.J. Pedersen, M.S. Stoenoiu, D. Glinatsi, I. Haugen, V. Foltz, J. JaremkoSee the full list of authors

26 May 2018

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