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Return-to-play and performance after operative treatment of Achilles tendon rupture in elite male athletes: a scoping review
Christopher M LaPrade, Deepak V Chona, Mark E Cinque, Michael T Freehill, Timothy R McAdams, Geoffrey D Abrams, Seth L Sherman, Marc R Safran

10 February 2022

Plasma NfL levels and longitudinal change rates in C9orf72 and GRN-associated diseases: from tailored references to clinical applications
Dario Saracino, Karim Dorgham, Agnès Camuzat, Daisy Rinaldi, Armelle Rametti-Lacroux, Marion Houot, Fabienne Clot, Philippe Martin-Hardy, Ludmila Jornea, Carole Azuar, Raffaella Migliaccio, Florence Pasquier, Philippe Couratier, Sophie Auriacombe, Mathilde SauvéeSee the full list of authors

4 August 2021

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