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There is a high return to sport rate but with reduced career lengths after Achilles tendon repair in Major League Soccer players
Kyle R Sochacki, Robert A Jack II, Takashi Hirase, Patrick C McCulloch, David M Lintner, Kevin E Varner, Pedro E Cosculluela, Joshua D Harris

7 February 2019

National Football League Head, Neck and Spine Committee’s Concussion Diagnosis and Management Protocol: 2017-18 season
Richard G Ellenbogen, Hunt Batjer, Javier Cardenas, Mitchel Berger, Julian Bailes, Elizabeth Pieroth, Robert Heyer, Nicholas Theodore, Wellington Hsu, Elizabeth Nabel, Joe Maroon, Robert Cantu, Ronnie Barnes, James Collins, Margot PutukianSee the full list of authors

14 June 2018

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