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010 Prevention of shoulder and elbow injuries in high school baseball players: a time-to-event analysis
Hitoshi Shitara, Tsuyoshi Tajika, Noritaka Hamano, Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Masataka Kamiyama, Kurumi Fukui, Hirotaka Chikuda

3 March 2020

International consensus definitions of video signs of concussion in professional sports
Gavin A Davis, Michael Makdissi, Paul Bloomfield, Patrick Clifton, Ruben J Echemendia, Éanna Cian Falvey, Gordon Ward Fuller, Gary Green, Peter Harcourt, Thomas Hill, Nathan McGuirk, Willem Meeuwisse, John Orchard, Martin Raftery, Allen K SillsSee the full list of authors

6 April 2019

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