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Improving function in people with hip-related pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of physiotherapist-led interventions for hip-related pain
Joanne L Kemp, Andrea B Mosler, Harvi Hart, Mario Bizzini, Steven Chang, Mark J Scholes, Adam I Semciw, Kay M Crossley

6 May 2020

Exercise treatment effect modifiers in persistent low back pain: an individual participant data meta-analysis of 3514 participants from 27 randomised controlled trials
Jill A Hayden, Maria N Wilson, Samuel Stewart, Jennifer L Cartwright, Andrea O Smith, Richard D Riley, Maurits van Tulder, Tom Bendix, Francesca Cecchi, Leonardo O P Costa, Ninna Dufour, Manuela L Ferreira, Nadine E Foster, Maruti R Gudavalli, Jan HartvigsenSee the full list of authors

28 November 2019

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