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Psychological, social and contextual factors across recovery stages following a sport-related knee injury: a scoping review
Linda K Truong, Amber D Mosewich, Christopher J Holt, Christina Y Le, Maxi Miciak, Jackie L Whittaker

14 February 2020

Sport and exercise genomics: the FIMS 2019 consensus statement update
Kumpei Tanisawa, Guan Wang, Jane Seto, Ioanna Verdouka, Richard Twycross-Lewis, Antonia Karanikolou, Masashi Tanaka, Mats Borjesson, Luigi Di Luigi, Michiko Dohi, Bernd Wolfarth, Jeroen Swart, James Lee John Bilzon, Victoriya Badtieva, Theodora PapadopoulouSee the full list of authors

22 March 2020

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