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Concussion in Non-athletes: Assessment of Cognition and Symptomatology (CONTACTS) study protocol – an exploratory cohort study investigating the utility of sports concussion assessment tools and salivary microRNAs to diagnose concussion in NHS patients
Emma Toman, Max Riley, Sam Hodgson, Kamal M Yakoub, Lauren Cooper, Jon Bishop, David N Naumann, Richard Welbury, Douglas Hammond, Valentina Di Pietro, Antonio Belli

21 September 2022

Differences in sport-related concussion for female and male athletes in comparable collegiate sports: a study from the NCAA-DoD Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium
Christina L Master, Barry P Katz, Kristy B Arbogast, Michael A McCrea, Thomas W McAllister, Paul F Pasquina, Michelle Lapradd, Wenxian Zhou, Steven P Broglio, Holly J Benjamin, Margaret Alison Brooks, Thomas A Buckley, Kenneth Cameron, James Clugston, Michael W CollinsSee the full list of authors

21 December 2020

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