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Characteristics of potential concussive events in three elite football tournaments

Nicholas Armstrong, Mario Rotundo, Jason Aubrey, Christopher Tarzi, Michael D Cusimano

22 July 2019

Concussion management in combat sports: consensus statement from the Association of Ringside Physicians

John Neidecker, Nitin K Sethi, Randolph Taylor, Raymond Monsell, Don Muzzi, Bruce Spizler, Larry Lovelace, Edmund Ayoub, Rick Weinstein, Joseph Estwanik, Patricio Reyes, Robert C Cantu, Barry Jordan, Margaret Goodman, John W Stiller, Jonathan Gelber, Robert Boltuch, Domenic Coletta, Angela Gagliardi, Stephen Gelfman, Patrick Golden, Nicholas Rizzo, Paul Wallace, Allan Fields, Calvin Inalsingh

28 February 2019

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