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Minds matter: how COVID-19 highlighted a growing need to protect and promote athlete mental health

Vincent Gouttebarge, Abhinav Bindra, Jonathan Drezner, Nonhlanhla Mkumbuzi, Jon Patricios, Ashwin Rao, Jane S Thornton, Andrew Watson, Claudia L Reardon

4 July 2022

Acute and post-acute COVID-19 presentations in athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Italo Ribeiro Lemes, Fabiana Infante Smaira, Willian J. D. Ribeiro, Natalia Koenig Favero, Luciana Diniz Nagem Janot Matos, Ana Lúcia de Sá Pinto, Eimear Dolan, Bruno Gualano, , Coalition SPORT-COVID-19, Ana Jéssica Pinto, Irineu Loturco, Gilberto Szarf, Marcelo Luiz Campos Vieira, Nabil Ghorayeb, Lorena Christine Araújo de Albuquerque, Bruno Bassaneze, Marcos Perillo Filho, Rodrigo Otávio Bougleux Alô, Thiago Ghorayeb Garcia, Mateus Freitas Teixeira, Danilo Prado, Fernanda Rodrigues Lima, Diego Rezende, Marina Valente Guimarães Cecchini, Gisele Mendes Brito

27 May 2022

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