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No limits in the future of sports and exercise medicine!

John Bjørneboe, Arnlaug Wangensteen

16 September 2021

Portuguese Football Federation consensus statement 2020: nutrition and performance in football

Rodrigo Abreu, Pedro Figueiredo, Paulo Beckert, José P Marques, Samuel Amorim, Carlos Caetano, Pedro Carvalho, Carla Sá, Ricardo Cotovio, Joana Cruz, Tiago Dias, Gonçalo Fernandes, Elton Gonçalves, César Leão, Alexandre Leitão, João Lopes, Eduardo Machado, Mónica Neves, André Oliveira, Ana I Pereira, Bruno Pereira, Fernando Ribeiro, Luis M Silva, Filipe Sousa, Tânia Tinoco, Vitor H Teixeira, Monica Sousa, João Brito

26 August 2021

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