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GRANADA consensus on analytical approaches to assess associations with accelerometer-determined physical behaviours (physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep) in epidemiological studies

Jairo H Migueles, Eivind Aadland, Lars Bo Andersen, Jan Christian Brønd, Sebastien F Chastin, Bjørge H Hansen, Kenn Konstabel, Olav Martin Kvalheim, Duncan E McGregor, Alex V Rowlands, Séverine Sabia, Vincent T van Hees, Rosemary Walmsley, Francisco B Ortega, , External review group, Alexander Burchartz, Cain Clark, Paddy Dempsey, Aiden Doherty, Ulf Ekelund, Timothy Olds, Eric J Shiroma, Emmanuel Stamatakis, Richard P Troiano, Stewart Trost, Vadim Zipunnikov

12 April 2021

Implementing the 27 PRISMA 2020 Statement items for systematic reviews in the sport and exercise medicine, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and sports science fields: the PERSiST (implementing Prisma in Exercise, Rehabilitation, Sport medicine and SporTs science) guidance

Clare L Ardern, Fionn Büttner, Renato Andrade, Adam Weir, Maureen C Ashe, Sinead Holden, Franco M Impellizzeri, Eamonn Delahunt, H Paul Dijkstra, Stephanie Mathieson, Michael Skovdal Rathleff, Guus Reurink, Catherine Sherrington, Emmanuel Stamatakis, Bill Vicenzino, Jackie L Whittaker, Alexis A Wright, Mike Clarke, David Moher, Matthew J Page, Karim M Khan, Marinus Winters

8 October 2021

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