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Recommendations for determining the validity of consumer wearable heart rate devices: expert statement and checklist of the INTERLIVE Network

Jan M Mühlen, Julie Stang, Esben Lykke Skovgaard, Pedro B Judice, Pablo Molina-Garcia, William Johnston, Luís B Sardinha, Francisco B Ortega, Brian Caulfield, Wilhelm Bloch, Sulin Cheng, Ulf Ekelund, Jan Christian Brønd, Anders Grøntved, Moritz Schumann

4 January 2021

Time-efficient intervention to improve older adolescents’ cardiorespiratory fitness: findings from the ‘Burn 2 Learn’ cluster randomised controlled trial

David R Lubans, Jordan J Smith, Narelle Eather, Angus A Leahy, Philip J Morgan, Chris Lonsdale, Ronald C Plotnikoff, Michael Nilsson, Sarah G Kennedy, Elizabeth G Holliday, Natasha Weaver, Michael Noetel, Tatsuya T Shigeta, Myrto F Mavilidi, Sarah R Valkenborghs, Prajwal Gyawali, Frederick R Walker, Sarah A Costigan, Charles H Hillman

21 December 2020

Knee arthroscopy: evidence for a targeted approach

Robert F LaPrade, Tim Spalding, Iain R Murray, Jorge Chahla, Marc R Safran, Christopher M Larson, Scott C Faucett, Richard von Bormann, Robert H Brophy, Rodrigo Maestu, Aaron J Krych, Ponky Firer, Lars Engebretsen

7 December 2020

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