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Indicators and correlates of low energy availability in male and female dancers

Nicola Keay, AusDancers Overseas, Gavin Francis

26 November 2020

Youth running consensus statement: minimising risk of injury and illness in youth runners

Brian J Krabak, William O Roberts, Adam S Tenforde, Kathryn E Ackerman, Paolo Emilio Adami, Aaron L Baggish, Michelle Barrack, John Cianca, Irene Davis, Pierre D'Hemecourt, Michael Fredericson, Joshua T Goldman, Mark A Harrast, Bryan C Heiderscheit, Karsten Hollander, Emily Kraus, Anthony Luke, Emily Miller, Melissa Moyer, Mitchell J Rauh, Brett G Toresdahl, Meagan M Wasfy

29 October 2020

Mental health in elite athletes: International Olympic Committee consensus statement (2019)

Claudia L Reardon, Brian Hainline, Cindy Miller Aron, David Baron, Antonia L Baum, Abhinav Bindra, Richard Budgett, Niccolo Campriani, João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia, Alan Currie, Jeffrey Lee Derevensky, Ira D Glick, Paul Gorczynski, Vincent Gouttebarge, Michael A Grandner, Doug Hyun Han, David McDuff, Margo Mountjoy, Aslihan Polat, Rosemary Purcell, Margot Putukian, Simon Rice, Allen Sills, Todd Stull, Leslie Swartz, Li Jing Zhu, Lars Engebretsen

15 May 2019

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