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Health-promoting behaviours and concussion history are associated with cognitive function, mood-related symptoms and emotional–behavioural dyscontrol in former NFL players: an NFL-LONG Study
Samuel R Walton, Zachary Y Kerr, Benjamin L Brett, Avinash Chandran, J D DeFreese, Abbie E Smith-Ryan, Lee Stoner, Ruben J Echemendia, Michael McCrea, William P Meehan, III, Kevin M Guskiewicz

4 January 2021

Thigh-worn accelerometry for measuring movement and posture across the 24-hour cycle: a scoping review and expert statement
Matthew L Stevens, Nidhi Gupta, Elif Inan Eroglu, Patrick Joseph Crowley, Barbaros Eroglu, Adrian Bauman, Malcolm Granat, Leon Straker, Peter Palm, Sari Stenholm, Mette Aadahl, Paul Mork, Sebastien Chastin, Vegar Rangul, Mark HamerSee the full list of authors

24 December 2020

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