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Health conditions among retired professional footballers: a scoping review
Sean Carmody, Karlijn Anemaat, Andrew Massey, Gino Kerkhoffs, Vincent Gouttebarge

22 April 2022

Train at home, but not alone: a randomised controlled multicentre trial assessing the effects of live-streamed tele-exercise during COVID-19-related lockdowns
Jan Wilke, Lisa Mohr, Gustavo Yuki, Adelle Kemlall Bhundoo, David Jiménez-Pavón, Fernando Laiño, Niamh Murphy, Bernhard Novak, Stefano Nuccio, Sonia Ortega-Gómez, Julian David Pillay, Falk Richter, Lorenzo Rum, Celso Sanchez-Ramírez, David UrlSee the full list of authors

15 February 2022

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