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Sports Psychology/Mental Health

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381 Implementation of psychiatric/psychotherapeutic support within a longitudinal health monitoring in competitive para athletes
Petra Dallmann, Rainer Leonhart, Anja Hirschmüller

23 November 2021

Asia-Pacific Consensus Statement on integrated 24-hour activity guidelines for children and adolescents
Benny Kai Guo Loo, Anthony David Okely, Aman Pulungan, Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin, Anthony David Okely, Feihong Luo, Falk Müeller-Riemenschneider, Betty Wain Man But, M.K.C. Nair, Aman Bakhti Pulungan, Ichiro Morioka, Nobuhiko Nagano, Azriyanti Anuar Zaini, Thiyagar Nadarajaw, Muhammad Yazid JalaludinSee the full list of authors

8 November 2021

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