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Myotonometry for the evaluation of Achilles tendon mechanical properties: a reliability and construct validity study

Alessandro Schneebeli, Deborah Falla, Ron Clijsen, Marco Barbero

12 February 2020

Atlas of the OMERACT Heel Enthesitis MRI Scoring System (HEMRIS)

Ashish J Mathew, Simon Krabbe, Iris Eshed, Robert GW Lambert, Jean-Denis Laredo, Walter P Maksymowych, Frederique Gandjbakhch, Yasser Emad, Maria Simona Stoenoiu, Violaine Foltz, Paul Bird, Philippe Carron, Joel Paschke, Philip G Conaghan, Susanne J Pedersen, Daniel Glinatsi, Mikkel Østergaard

11 February 2020

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